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Auto Rank SEO Plugin

Introducing Auto Rank WordPress Plugin: The Best Way to Boost Your Website’s Visibility!

Say goodbye to the complexities of SEO and hello to Auto Rank – the WordPress plugin that easily creates top-notch meta titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords, and meta tags, Powered by OpenAI ChatGPT.


Auto Rank: Making SEO Simple for You!

Running a website is already a lot of work, and SEO shouldn’t add to the stress. That’s why we created Auto Rank WordPress Plugin – your new best friend for hassle-free SEO Meta. Let Auto Rank do the heavy lifting, allowing you to sit back, relax, and see your website rise in the search engine rankings.


Supercharge Your SEO with ChatGPT:

Auto Rank isn’t just any plugin – it’s like having your own SEO expert by your side. Thanks to ChatGPT, Auto Rank creates meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords and Meta tags that not only catches the attention of search engines but also helps your website climb higher and higher. It’s the secret sauce to make your website stand out!


Compatible with Your Favorite SEO Plugins:

Worried about compatibility? Fear not! Auto Rank is here to complement your favorite SEO plugins, including Yoast SEO, Rank Math, and seven others. Whether you’re a fan of Yoast or prefer Rank Math, Auto Rank plays well with others, enhancing your existing SEO setup.


Smart AI, Smart Meta:

Powered by the intelligent algorithms of ChatGPT, Auto Rank goes beyond traditional keyword stuffing. It understands the context of your content, your target audience, and the ever-changing SEO landscape. This ensures that the generated meta data not only meets but exceeds the latest search engine algorithms, giving you a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.


Google Translate, Reach Every Audience:

Why limit yourself to one language? Auto Rank can generate meta in any langauge! No matter where your audience is, Auto Rank ensures your website’s meta information is tuned perfectly for a global audience. Whether you’re targeting local markets or international audiences, Auto Rank has got you covered.


Tailored Meta for Every Page:

Your website may have any post type, and Auto Rank gets that. Whether it’s a blog post or a product page, Auto Rank tailors meta content to suit the unique purpose of each page. No more generic meta – just the right touch for every corner of your website.


Stay Ahead of the Competition:

In the dynamic world of SEO, staying ahead of the competition is key. Auto Rank constantly updates its algorithms based on the latest trends and search engine guidelines, ensuring that your website’s meta information is always in line with the best practices for ranking. Stay ahead, stay visible, and stay relevant with Auto Rank.


Upgrade Your SEO Game Today – It’s a Game Changer!

Don’t let SEO be a roadblock – let Auto Rank WordPress Plugin be your friend to success. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting with SEO, Auto Rank is the friend you’ve been waiting for.


Get Auto Rank Now – Watch Your Website Grow!

In a world where every click matters, Auto Rank WordPress Plugun is your Plugin to standing out. Boost your website’s visibility, save time, and see the difference in your search engine rankings. Ready for success? Get Auto Rank now – the easy, efficient, and effective way to Intelligent Meta Automation.



Version 1.5.0

08th Dec 2023

1. New: Added GPT model change features 
2. New: Added meta title length limit feature
3. New: Added meta description length limit feature
4. Compatibility : Compatible with WordPress 6.4.2

Version 1.4.0

17th Nov 2023

1. Fix: Yoast meta saving error resolved.
2. Added the ability to individually select options for titles, descriptions, tags, and keywords.

Version 1.3.0

10th Oct 2023

1. Fix: Translator issue fixed

Version 1.2.0

15th Sep 2023

1. New: Added new SEP plugin support:  SEO Framework, Squirrly SEO, SEO Simple Pack 
2. Minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.1.0

31st Aug 2023

1. New: Added compatibility with SeoPress
2. Fix: Resolved title saving issues for the All in One SEO plugin.
3. Improvement: Implemented minor enhancements and addressed various small bugs.
4. Improvement: UI changes done

Version 1.0.0

18th Aug 2023

1. Plugin released

AI Addons Pro for Elementor

AI Addons Pro for Elementor: Creative Power with 70+ Widgets and OpenAI Magic!

Dive into the future of web design with AI Addons Pro – the ultimate Elementor addon. Elevate your website effortlessly using 70+ cool widgets, including the groundbreaking OpenAI Widgets. With 250+ pre-made templates, crafting stunning websites has never been simpler.


OpenAI Widgets: A Touch of Genius

Insert creativity into your content with OpenAI Widgets. Let the power of AI enhance your website’s appeal, providing dynamic and engaging elements that delight your audience.


70+ Cool Widgets: Beyond Ordinary

Get the diverse collection of 70+ widgets. From image comparision to pretty hover, AI Addons Pro takes your Elementor experience to new heights.


250+ Pre-Made Templates: Effortless Excellence

Instantly transform your website with professionally crafted templates. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these templates provide a solid foundation, ensuring your website looks stunning without the hassle.


User-Friendly Design: Simple and Intuitive

No coding skills? No problem. AI Addons Pro is designed for simplicity. Effortlessly drag and drop widgets, customize layouts, and watch your vision come to life, all within the familiar Elementor interface.


Regular Updates: Staying Ahead

AI Addons Pro doesn’t just keep up; it leads. Benefit from regular updates, ensuring your toolbox is always filled with the latest and greatest features for an ever-evolving website.


Seamless Integration

Experience a seamless integration with Elementor – the most popular WordPress page builder. AI Addons Pro complements Elementor’s functionality, providing an enhanced design experience.


Elevate Your Website with AI Addons Pro:

In a world driven by innovation, AI Addons Pro is your ticket to a website that stands out. Empower your creativity, save time, and enjoy the simplicity of crafting a visually stunning online presence.


Responsive Support: Your Success Matters

Encounter a challenge? Our responsive Live Chat support team is just a message away. We’re committed to ensuring your experience with AI Addons Pro is as smooth as your website’s design.



Version 1.4.6

4th Oct 2023

1. Page templates added
2. Front-end styles updated

Version 1.4.5

14th Sep 2023

1. Creative Button widget added
2. Social Share widget added
3. Page templates added
4. Elementor widgets responsive controls updated
5. Front-end styles updated

Version 1.4.4

1st Aug 2023

1. Elementor widget icons updated
2. Front-end styles updated

Version 1.4.3

21st Jul 2023

1. Bar Chart widget added
2. Line Chart widget added
3. Polar-Area Chart styles updated

Version 1.4.2

19th Jul 2023

1. Wp Form widget added
2. Ninja form widget added
3. Front-end styles updated
4. Pretty Hover widget added
5. Post Magazine widget added

Version 1.4.1

13th Jul 2023

1. Styles Updated

Version 1.4.0

13th Jul 2023

1. Product widget added
2. Product single widget added
3. Modern Progress bar widget added
4. Product Slider widget added
5. Product Category widget added
6. Product Category Slider widget added
7. Image Hotspot widget added
8. Image Hover widget added
9. Image Accordion widget added
10. Styles updated

Version 1.3.0

29th Jun 2023

1. Team widget added
2. Testimonial widget added
3. Portfolio widget added
4. Minor masonry js bugs fixed
5. Styles updated

Version 1.2.1

6th Jun 2023

1. Templates updated
2. 10+ New Templates Added
3. Styles updated

Version 1.2.0

19th May 2023

1. Admin page CSS 
2. Widgets styles improved

Version 1.1.0

18th May 2023

1. Admin page CSS

Version 1.0.0

17th May 2023

1. Initial release

WP Auto Plugin for WordPress

Introducing WP Auto Plugin – Your Content Powerhouse!

Grow your website with WP Auto WordPress Plugin, the content powerhouse plugin that automates content posting from various sources, including OpenAI ChatGPT, Feeds, Amazon and Multi-page/Single-Page Scapper to scrape any website. Making your life easier and your site more engaging.

WP Auto Plugin Features

Key Features:


ChatGPT Integration:

Use the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT to auto-generate best content for your website using keyword or your custom prompts. Keep your audience hooked with fresh and dynamic post.


Multi-Source Content:

WP Auto doesn’t stop at ChatGPT. It auto post content from any multi-page websites, single-page sources – giving you a diverse range of content at your fingertips.



WP Auto Plugin can auto post content using any Rss Feeds including content, images, categories, date, tags etc. It can also translate or spin the content before posting.


Google News:

Post the Google News on your WordPress site on automatic mode. Keep your content fresh, relevant, and engaging with this simple and efficient google news auto-post feature.



The plugin can auto import and post products from amazon by keywords, HTML, bestsellers including Images, product gallery, price etc. It can auto set your amazon affiliate link for revenue generation.


Language Diversity with Google Translate:

WP Auto Plugin comes equipped with free Google Translate integration so that it can translate content to any language before posting automatically ensuring your content can reach a global audience with ease.


Built-in Spinner:

Avoid duplicate content issues with our inbuilt spinner. Automatically generate unique variations of your content for enhanced SEO and reader satisfaction.


Visual Selection:

Take control of your content with visual selection tools. Choose the images and elements that perfectly complement your posts.


Image Import from DALL-E, Pixabay, and Pixels:

WP Auto Plugin can import high-quality copyright-free images from DALL-E, Pixabay, and Pixels directly within the plugin. Enhance your posts with stunning featured image.


Easy Setup:

WP Auto is designed with simplicity and performance in mind. Set up the plugin quickly and start enjoying the benefits of automated content without the hassle.


Faster Page Speed:

The Plugin framework is designed with advanced coding standards and only features which is important to users helping in faster page speed and reduce load.


Live Chat Instant Support:

We’ve got your back! Enjoy peace of mind with our live chat instant support. Our team is ready to assist you anytime in setup and technical help. We are always there for you!


Feature Request or Bug Report

Do you need any features which we don’t have? No worries, our expert developer team will try there best to add your desired features.

Do you report a bug? Feel free to report the bug. We will fix it under 24 hours.

Grow your website’s content with WP Auto WordPress Plugin – the smart choice for seamless, diverse, and content automation.

Comparison of WP Auto Plugin Vs WordPress Automatic Plugin

WP Auto Compare



Version 2.1.0

20th Nov 2023

1. Fix: Amazon price extraction algorithm updated
2. Minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.0.0

10th Oct 2023

1. New: Dall-E support added

Version 1.9.0

9th Sep 2023

1. New: Added GPT modules as a dropdown list for simplified selection
2. New: Pexels option added to get AI image for the content
3. Fix: Algorithm updated for hyperlinking specific keyword
4. Improvement: Now able to download webp images from content
5. New: Amazon product category now can be scraped to set as product category in WordPress

Version 1.8.0

11th Aug 2023

1. New: Google News Campaign added
2. New: Pause CRON featured added
3. New: Option added to auto remove products from amazon if price is unavailable or out of stock.
4. Improvement: Added Bulk option in Home Page for easy import/export

Version 1.7.0

25th Jul 2023

1. Fix: Google Translator is back to work

Version 1.6.0

1st Jul 2023

1. New: Added GPT support for Amazon Campign to rewrite the content
2. Improvement: Verify for duplicates before making the post.
3. New: Remove text from inline links in content

Version 1.5.0

5th Jun 2023

1. New: Added media library support for featured image
2. Improvement: Improved UI
3. New: Added support to set keyword as title for Open AI

Version 1.4.0

20th May 2023

1. New: Custom Fields support Added
2. New: SVG remove option added
3. New: Price filter added for Amazon
4. Minor Bug fixes

Version 1.3.0

12th Apr 2023

1. New: Rotate Keyword field added
2. New: New shortcodes added to scrape Amazon Technical Information, Comparison Table
3. New: Field added to bring the Original date of an Article to set as Source Post Date

Version 1.2.0

23rd Mar 2023

1. Improvement: Improved the field Search and Replace to ‘Search and Replace/Remove’
2. New: Google Translator support for Translation
3. New: Campaign added for Amazon
4. Fix: ‘No Source Found’ issue now fixed

Version 1.1.0

18th Feb 2023

1. Improvement: Added field to remove Featured Image from Content
2. New: Added field for Search and Replace
3. New: Option to select image from PixaBay
4. Minor Bug Fixes

Version 1.0.0

4th Dec 2022

1. Plugin released with Single Page Scraper, Multi Page Scraper, Feeds, Open AI

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